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The Triple Axel

Inspired by the movie I, Tonya, I took to Procreate and Photoshop to create a promotional animated graphic that represents the movie and the icon, Tonya Harding.

I worked on creating hand lettered type that invokes movement to go along with the movement in the triple axel animation. I chose bright colors and thick stroked, bold type to represent the showmanship of competitive ice skating and to compliment the baby blue outfit worn by the Tonya Harding animation. After drafting the lettering, I plotted the path of the triple axel with help from ice skating breakdown videos on Youtube. After adding shape and color to the drawing, I decided that the body of the skater would act as the “I” in I, Tonya, in a sort of freeze frame by tripling the time the very middle frame in the animation is shown. This allows the audience for the graphic to take in the concept of the visual double meaning: the type and the triple axel.

ITonya_casestudy2 copy.jpg