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Vacancy Brewing

Vacancy Brewing is a local Austin brewery opening soon. They needed a firm start to their brand, and came in with a lot of really tight ideas for us to collaborate on. The main inspiration was the Roy’s Motel signage on Route 66 and other retro traveling aesthetics with a unique and inviting color scheme.

The brewery’s goal is to welcoming to all and have a feminine and bold look to answer a need in the marketplace for more inclusive beer scenes in Austin. The mid-century California inspired color scheme, mixed with the badge and icon style of the logo and the secondary marks shows off the type of customer they wish to attract: a young, fun-seeking professional who travels and wants a chill place to hang out and reminisce on past adventures, regardless of gender!

Directly below is the final logo with two secondary logomarks for different use cases, followed by first drafts and ideation of the project.

Vacancy Brewing logo draft - rd 2_color.png
Vacancy Brewing logo draft - rd 2_b&w.png
Artboard 1.png